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First Seventh-day Adventist Church Of White Plains  is where unique individuals come together, whether in person or online, to receive and release hope in all areas of life. Jesus-  is the Center of our Focused, Spirit-filled, and Life-giving church bringing hope to the City of White Plains, Town of Greenburgh and beyond!


Fellowship with one another beckons with a holy calling to a holy, happy life. Having entered the narrow path of obedience, let us refresh our minds by communion with one another and with God. As we see the day of God approaching, let us meet often to study His Word and to exhort one another to be faithful unto the end.


Worship qualifies our nature, core being and reason to exist. In our name we respond to His reasonable call to Worship Him alone...


Praise is a central part of worshiping God. When our lives are filled with the righteousness of Christ, it redounds to the praise of the Lord. Whom do we praise? The Lord alone.

Pastor Reginald Guerrier Esq.

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