Communication Ministries

Communication is central to every aspect of Fellowship Worship Praise Center. We consider every person in the church a communicator, so it is important for us to insure that you are kept informed and the church is properly represented to the public.


Our objective is to raise public awareness of our church—its members, its mission, and its message; work to get church activities and events noted in the media; and help to get the church’s views included in the news adequately and accurately. It’s vital to keep YOU informed about upcoming activities, and equally important to share church news with the global church community and the public at large.

Time & Location

Wherever we meet becomes your Center, your lighthouse, your refuge. You may join us on any Saturday at 11 am for our main Fellowship Worship Praise session; on Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am to 1pm for Food and selected article distribution to the community; Thursdays 1-2pm for Bible Discussion and discovery of profitable principles to increase our fulfillment and longevity; and Wednesday nights for prayer 7:30 to 8:30, where you may share needs and requests for God's intervention and participate in the fulfillment of answered prayers. Please get in contact with us here.

Common Questions

What to expect

Our principles align us and guide the decisions we make. We endeavor to be:
God centered, people focused: We keep our eyes on God through his word, and make our witness an invitation for others to experience His love and We meet people where they are with an understanding that we are all on the same journey, and all only saved by His grace.
Be the difference to someone: Its our responsibility to understand that the smallest moments make the biggest difference to others when they are in need.
Share and care: Live an exemplary life of service to others, no one is without, no one is left behind. We make sure that our care and acceptance are the motivating factors that inspire our love.
Teach and learn: Study makes our foundation stronger, and help us to clear the path for others to follow. As the Bible is made simpler, faith becomes clearer, and our understanding empowered to greater heights.
We are share Edifying worship: Our worship generates glad hearts united in total praise, and it sobers our rational thoughts and our enthusiasm to the realms of the highest intelligence and the deepest sense of adoration.
This we express in our public and media relations, news and information, and in our advertising and promotion.

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