How to Stop The Loss of Generations?

In the Old Testament of the Bible, the book Judges reveals one of the fundamental reasons why generations of children, youth and adults have been lost – without eternal salvation. The reason for this loss of generations is apostasy and idolatry. How to stop it?

The book of Judges relates a surprising period in the history of the people of Israel. A period mixed with repetition of events as a vicious circle: – Ravages and wars – Crying to God – Deliverance from God – Repentance – Mercy and forgiveness from God – Peace and tranquility – Forgetfulness of the Word of God – Apostasy and idolatry. We may be surprised, because they should have understood the cause of their misfortunes. But generations have passed. Sometimes, 40 or 80 years have gone, between two apostasies. Soon they forget the works of God.

Today, are we repeating the same errors and creating a vicious circle! The long road to falling and decadence begins with disobedience and then, the forgetfulness of God. Questions: Do we have a generation of young people without knowledge of the Word – the Bible? Do our young people know God personally? Memorizing bible texts is “keeping the Word in mind so as not to sin against God.”  If this practical experience of David can win victories, then we need more Bible quizzes and biblical knowledge competitions? Bible Bowl?!

TO GO FURTHER, READ: JUDGES 2:1-5; 2:10-13.

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