God in the midst of Chaos

As we work our way through the Covid-19 pandemic, we are flooded with multiple sources of fake news, conspiracy theories, political maneuvers and evidences of panic, frustration, fear, protests, and even defiance of simple common sense.

We are living in a world where the global economy has come almost to a standstill. We have seen a financial crash in stocks and oil prices, millions are jobless, no vaccine is available to fight the virus, and protective gears are unavailable to the population. This sounds like a world driven into chaos.

Emotions are playing out and impulses rage as men and women leap into their own action or so-called wisdom. Their ultimate goal is to solve their problem by themselves, find a solution without any acknowledgment of God. They think they have got it! “No need for God,” they say.

“Where is God in the midst of this chaos?” some say. I say to you, take another look, for as lives are saved and the infected are healed without human intervention, no medication, no cure, and medical staff has only one thing to say to the sick, “if you believe in God, pray, pray, pray,” can any human being claim credit and say “we did this, not faith, not God!”

God has made it plain that what can be known of Him as the Divine and Eternal God is clearly seen in His creative power by what He created and made, but that human beings since the Creation preferred to honor everything else except God. (Romans 1:18-32).

I encourage you dear friend, lean not to your own understanding. The Word of God is life eternal for you. In it you will find Jesus Christ, who is life eternal. To have Jesus is to have life eternal. The best evidence of your trust in God is to love God and obey His commandments. The best proof of faith in Jesus Christ is to distrust self and have dependence upon the all-wise God. Even if you don’t understand all about God, trust Him still, for in the end it would have been worth it all.

Look to Jesus my friend, this world will disappoint you. Trust in God and His promises will sustain you until He comes.

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